Bozbash is a popular Armenian meat, lightly sour, soup, made from fat lamb fillet with potatoes, peas, beans and fruits. There are different kinds of this soup, but they differ only by the additional fruits and vegetables.

Put lamb in cold water and cook on low heat, covered, until done. Strain the broth and set aside. Scald lamb and pour over the broth. Add fried finely chopped onion with sliced tomatoes and washed peas. Cook until peas are soft. Then add cubed potatoes and cook until it’s done. Salt, add wine vinegar and chopped greens. You can add prunes, dried apricots, and cherry plums on your taste.


600 g lamb.
2 l water.
5 ea potatoes.
3 tb peas.
2 ea tomatoes.
2 ea onion.
1 tb parsley green.
1 tb cilantro.
1 tb wine vinegar.
Black pepper.