The sign of zodiac you are born determines not only the character. The tastes of any person are appointed by stars. Every sign prefers certain food. The choice of right nutrition assures the health and long life. You will find out what food, how much and when you should eat and what products you should exclude from the menu of “Cancer”.
Our horoscope, based on your “star” susceptibility to illness, is a recommendation to the healthy life, there it can contradict your real tastes.

What to eat

Cancerians, by the nature, are the slaves of the stomach and they need to keep to a strict diet. Don’t get despaired there is a thing you can eat at no allowance – watermelon, it will purify your organism from refuses. Cancerians can give a treat to themselves with legumes or seafood, but only in moderate quantities.

What to drink

Cancerians should be careful with any alcohol drink, even beer. Being warm-hearted and finely organized, Cancerians, suddenly, can burst into tears. They shouldn’t drink young wine and beer, as their stomach is really delicate. It is better to drink vermouth. But don’t abuse as Cancerians tend to get dependent on alcohol very quickly.

What to cook

For Cancerians meal is a whole ceremonial. It is better to treat then with seafood. They won’t refuse “with a great pleasure” mushroom dishes, light vegetable salads. Cancer makes no secret of the love towards various sauces. For the dessert, serve whipped cream with fruits or ice-cream.

Food table Meat

Crabs Fruits: Coconuts, grapes, lemon, water-melon, pawpaws
Vegetables: Cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkin, potato, lettuce, turnip
Spices: Citron, sage, cinnamon, horseradish, mustard, thyme, vanilla.