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Riga Bread Boy (Frozen), 1 pc
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Riga Bread Boy (Frozen), 1 pc


The best Riga Rye Bread for sale at online store

Rye-bread is a very rich in microelements and vitamins product. You can eat it alone or with some milk. In addition, rye-bread can be used as a component for many kinds of snacks; it tastes even better with some cheese, meat, or "Riga Sprats".

The bread is a true gastronomic delight - enjoy its taste slowly! It is a source of strength and energy, and it will remind you of past times, since rye-bread is a very ancient Latvian food.

Riga bread is considered one of the most time-consuming and complex in technology.
The old recipe for making bread is kept secret by the factory staff, but the veil of secrecy has been opened. Riga bread is a handmade custard bread, which uses pure artesian water and flour of the best Russian factories, not used in the preparation of dough yeast and butter.
Our pride is real rye bread. Its value is equated to high-end cognacs, which are made from special grape spirits and aged in wooden barrels. The dough for Riga bread is kneaded in an old way: first the flour is scalded, then the dough is aged for a certain time in aspen tubs, so it gets a unique taste and aroma. The advantage of the method used by the plant to produce bread is also a long multi-stage process of natural fermentation.

Vitamins and natural enzymes produced by fermentation have a beneficial effect on the human body, improving digestion.

The acidity of "Riga bread" is 6%, which is five times lower than this indicator of other types of bread. Therefore, the product can be used during the rehabilitation period after suffering gastrointestinal diseases. Also rich in Riga bread vitamins PP and B, minerals, which makes it very useful for health.