What can be better than pickles with a cold, but warming heart bottle of vodka?

Cucumbers are composed of a large number of fibers in fiber, which beneficially affect the function of the digestive system. In addition, there is the use of pickles as natural antioxidants that help to free the body from free radicals and neutralize the development of cancer.

Pickles are also characterized by high concentrations of magnesium, iron and calcium. With this composition of trace elements, the use of pickles can be used as a means to enhance immunity. Pickled vegetables are also used to prevent anemia, and strengthen bones.

In addition, because a member of the vinegar pickles, there is the use of pickles, which is the ability to destroy the bacteria that develop in the stomach and intestines. Availability vinegar marinade also makes useful to combat respiratory diseases. In addition, it stimulates fat burning, regulates blood sugar.
Due to the high content of pectin, red currants used to remove from the human body toxins, helps to prevent the development of inflammatory processes, is used to treat gastrointestinal diseases, inhibits the development of tumors.
composition of red currants
Berries redcurrant contain up to 10% sugar and up to 4% of acids, they contain inorganic salts and important health vitamins such as vitamin A, C and F, and tannin and pectin. Despite the fact that the content of vitamin C the black redcurrants inferior, this vitamin in it no less than strawberries and raspberries. The red currant higher iron content, which is necessary vessels and potassium, beneficial effects on the heart and leading out of the human body excess fluid, which, for example, does not allow to form the swelling and bags under the eyes. Vitamin P in red currant is also greater than in black and even higher levels of vitamin A in small quantities in red currant berries contain vitamins B1 and B2, tannins and carotene.

Ingredients for preparing Cucumbers Pickled With Red Currant Juice:

Pickles are really good as appetizer and as garnish to any dish.

  • 3 ea pepper peas.
  • 2 ea garlic cloves.
  • 1 ea dill stalk.
  • Cucumbers.


  • 1 l water.
  • 250 g red currant.
  • 50 g salt.
  • 20 g sugar.


  • Wash cucumbers.
  • Put spices on the bottom of a jar and stand cucumbers vertically.
  • Pour over hot marinade and cover at once.
  • Sterilize for 8 minutes.