Social media has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, everybody is on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with their friends, family and everything else that’s going on with the world. It makes the world a lot smaller and closer.

What are the advantages to you as a customer to following us on these sites?

If you love Russian food and culture, you now have something else to be excited about. Now you can follow the Russian Shoppe on Facebook and Twitter. Interesting posts and information will be delivered to your wall or feed, letting you know the latest news on the many quality products that we offer.

It’s convenient

you know immediately what new items that we are offering and if there are any specials. We’ll post it to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed and you’ll know what’s happening instantly at your fingertips.

It’s fast

You can make comments and ask questions. We want to know how you feel as a customer and you can have the ability to do so easily and conveniently. We always want to hear from our customers and this gives us a way to know how you feel about our products and services. Being able to make comments and let us know how you feel about what we offer, helps us serve you better.

It’s fun

It’s great to be able to interact directly with the company. It breaks down the communication barrier and you can get to know us even better.

We carry authentic Russian products of t highest quality for you to enjoy all year. Currently we’ve posted on our fan page products such as Imperial Style Eggs, ushanka hats, authentic Russian souvenirs as well as the many Russian toys such as Roly-Poly Nevalyashka and Traditional Matryoshka. You can be the first to know about products and services we offer and also take advantage of any specials or discounts that we’ll give.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter and you want a convenient and easy way to stay up to date with products, announcements, specials and anything else that is going on, this is a great way to do so. Social media is here to stay and we want to make your customer experience at the Russian Food USA even better.