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Increase your vitality. Did you know that research shows that our bodies don’t get around 30% of vitamins, proteins and nutrients we need on a daily basis? Some people may say that they eat enough veggies, fruits, fibers, etc. and refuse to add any supplements to their diet. But do they really get enough vital nutrients? When human beings first started to roam around this planet we call Earth, they ate mostly meats, fruits and veggies. They got enough sunlight, drank clean water and breathed clean air. There were no processed foods, trans fats and pollution. Today, we eat McDonalds, stare at a computer for 10-12 hours per day, drink water polluted with metals, and breath….well, we call it air, but I think that our Neanderthal ancestors would probably have choked on it.

You may say that you eat healthy and exercise regularly, so you are OK. But the fact remains: most of us in the US don’t move enough (an hour of exercise per day does NOT substitute for a mobile lifestyle, it’s nothing more than an hour of movement) and don’t get enough nutrition. Now imagine what would happen if month after month you would drive in your car with tires inflated only 70% the needed amount and filled it up with dirty gasoline and oil. We won’t say what would give out first – tires or the engine – after all, this is simple speculation, but a crash would be inevitable. You can walk away from a car crash and buy another vehicle, but you can’t buy another body or return your health.

There is a saying in Russian that the main thing is your health, you can buy everything else. Today, we would like to introduce a line of food supplements that will help you get closer to that 100% and aid you at living a long, healthy life.

Fitosila is a young company that concentrates on making all-natural dietary supplements, herbal teas, slimming additives, magnetic therapy products and medical cosmetics. Ingredients in Fitosila’s supplements come from the ecologically friendly Siberian region and have long been known to give you more energy, reduce stress, increases longevity, and improve the body’s resistance to viruses. So, next time you think you are getting all the nutrients you need, think again. And when you choose vitamins and supplements to aid you in your quest for a healthier lifestyle, think Fitosila – a company that has turned millions into believers.

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