Kazakh Shurpa is kazakh broth made from lamb.

Shurpa (from Arabic. شوربة – shorba, ie soup) – filling soup or broth, widely spread in the East, where it is known under various names: shurpa, chorpa, shorpo, sorpa Finally, Moldova and the Balkans, where she was taken, chorba.

Distinctive features shurpa quite difficult to identify. Sometimes allocate this difference as the preparation of the pre-shurpa roasted meats and vegetables (Kovurma), but there is a conventional method of preparation (kaynatma). Therefore, the technology of preparation shurpa is not unique to this technology different from the soup cooking of other filling soups.

There are some signs shurpa. Firstly, it is characterized by a high fat content, which, in particular, especially when the preparation of the pre shurpa roasted meats and vegetables. Secondly, for shurpa characterized by the use of a large number of herbs and spices. Third, at a relatively constant set coarsely chopped vegetables, namely, carrot, potato and onion (the latter in Shurpa placed in high in comparison with other soups amount) in Shurpa can be used (and even welcome) in considerable quantities, various fruit – apples, apricots (dried apricots), quince, plum.

As a rule, shurpa made from lamb, but can be prepared from poultry, including shallow and wildlife. Moreover, shurpa can be prepared from fish, so-called “aces sorpa”, typical of coastal areas of Turkmenistan.

Herbs and spices vary from region, but almost everywhere it is composed of parsley, dill, cilantro, red pepper. In Uzbekistan, add cumin in large quantities and basil, Moldova shurpa (chorba) differs significantly as preparing kvass.

Ingredients for preparing Kazakh Shurpa:

Served with special rolls

  • 500 g lamb.
  • 3 l water.
  • 1/2 tb salt.


  • Wash meat under running cold water, pour over boiling water and cook on low heat for 1 hour.
  • By the end of cooking strain the broth and slice lamb. Serve in deep plates.