Matzah- unleavened bread in the form of large crackers. Matzo, matza or matzah (Yiddish: ‎ מצה Hebrew: מַצָּה‎; plural matzot; matzos, matzus of Ashkenazi Hebrew dialect) is an unleavenedbread traditionally eaten by Jews during the Passover festival, when chametz (bread and other food made with leaven) is forbidden according to Jewish religious law. Religious significance[edit]. There are numerous explanations behind the symbolism of matzah. One is historical: Passover is a commemoration of the exodus from Egypt. The biblical narrative relates that the Israelites left Egypt in such haste they could not wait for their bread dough to rise; the bread, when baked, was matzah. (Exodus 12:39). The other reason for eating matza is symbolic: On the one hand, matza symbolizes redemption and freedom, but it is also lechem oni, “poor man’s bread”. Thus it serves as a reminder to be humble, and to not forget what life was like in servitude. Also, leaven symbolizes corruption and pride as leaven “puffs up”. Eating the “bread of affliction” is both a lesson in humility and an act that enhances the appreciation of freedom.

Another explanation is that matza has been used to replace the pesach, or the traditional Passover offering that was made before the destruction of the Temple. During the Seder the third time the matza is eaten it is preceded with the Sefardic rite, “zekher l’korban pesach hane’ekhal al hasova”. This means “remembrance of the Passover offering, eaten while full”. This last piece of the matza eaten is called afikoman and many explain it as a symbol of salvation in the future.


The Passover Seder meal is full of symbols of salvation, including the opening of the door for Elijah and the closing line, “Next year in Jerusalem,” but the use of matzah is the oldest symbol of salvation in the Seder.

  • 10 ea matzo crackers.
  • 7 ea eggs.
  • 8 ts brown sugar.
  • 5 shakes of cinnamon.


  • Break matzos in a large bowl and pour hot water over. After a couple of minutes, pour water off, squeeze surplus water out, add all ingredients and mix well.
  • Melt butter or margarine in a frying pan, add mixture for 1 serving at once and flatten out into a large cake. You can cut it in the pan while it is cooking, or make small ones. Flip it when it starts getting crusty underneath. Cook through until well done but still soft.
  • Serve immediately, with brown sugar to sprinkle.