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Healing Cream-Balm for Heels Anti-Cracks, 1.01oz/ 30ml
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Healing Cream-Balm for Heels Anti-Cracks, 1.01oz/ 30ml

Water, vaseline oil, emulsion wax, stearic acid, vaseline, glycerin, beeswax, calendula extract, psyllium extract, aloe extract, lavender essential oil, propolis extract, tea tree essential oil, lanolin, deg stearate, DMP microcar, IT microcar, Trilon B, sodium hydroxide, bisabolol.
Healing cream-balm for HEELS is an effective natural remedy based on natural ingredients.
Softens, moisturizes, heals and smoothes the skin of the feet, eliminates roughness and dryness of the skin, corns and cracks on the heels, prevents the development of fungal infection, has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect.
Healthy well-groomed heels should be smooth and soft at any age.
However, most people over the years, the skin of the feet becomes rough, corns appear on it (thickening of the stratum corneum of the skin - dead epithelial cells), calluses. On the heels, cracks often occur as a result of mechanical damage (tight shoes, synthetic socks and tights, walking barefoot), as well as due to metabolic disorders, poor blood supply to the feet, vitamin a and e deficiency. especially often, the skin becomes rough and cracks on the heels of women in the menopause due to insufficient nutrition and skin hydration. Any violations of the normal skin on the feet cause a feeling of discomfort, pain, are a cosmetic defect and a serious risk factor for fungal diseases.
The effect and effectiveness of the cream-balm is provided by the high biological activity of its natural components, which have pronounced softening, moisturizing, exfoliating, regenerating, healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.
It has strong emollient, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. It is produced by special glands of honeybees. It has a complex biologically active composition (contains about 300 different substances). Due to the high content of vitamin A and E, it provides normal development of the skin's epithelium. In combination with lanolin, it effectively softens dead skin areas, prevents dehydration, cracks, and forms a protective layer on the skin.
Propolis (from the Greek propoliso - "close up", " seal"):
A substance produced by bees for covering up cracks and Letka in the hive. It has exceptional antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties, so that a healthy hive is completely sterile. Contains more than 50 valuable substances: resins, balms, minerals, flavones, vitamins, essential oils. As part of the cream-balm softens and abundantly nourishes the skin of the feet, destroys a wide range of microorganisms, including fungi. Reduces pain, relieves itching and inflammation, stimulates healing of cracks and regeneration of the skin.
Tea tree oil:
A powerful natural antiseptic that suppresses the development of fungi and pathogenic microbes that cause inflammation and subsequent suppuration; it has unique healing properties. It is produced from the leaves of a tea tree native to Australia.
Aloe Vera:
It has been known as a medicinal product for more than three thousand years and has unique therapeutic properties. Contains biogenic stimulators that accelerate cell renewal and self-healing of skin tissues. It has a powerful wound healing,anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, cleansing effect.
Vaseline and glycerin:
Soften the skin and protect it from drying out.
Extracts and oils of medicinal plants:
They have a softening, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effect, stimulate metabolic processes in the skin of the feet, prevent the growth of the rough stratum corneum of the skin.
Restrictions on use
Individual intolerance to the components
Special instruction
In case of contact with mucous membranes (including eyes), rinse with plenty of clean water.
In case of allergic reactions, consult your doctor.
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester