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Watercolor Paint
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Watercolor Paint "St. Petersburg" by Nevskaya Palitra 24 Set


⭐️ FOR WHOM. A set of watercolor paints for artists of the highest quality "St. Petersburg" 24 colors of 2.5 ml / 0,067US fl.oz. in ditches. The Nevskaya Palitra preserves the precious traditions of producing high-quality materials for professional artists and amateurs. ⭐️ QUALITY. Properties such as brightness and color purity, high light fastness, excellent variety and transparency have made the White Nights watercolor a favorite color for several generations of artists. The maximum intensity of the color tone of the watercolor, which remains even when diluted with large amounts of water, is achieved due to the high concentration of pigment and the finer points of its grinding. ⭐️ COLORS. lemon cadmium, cadmium yellow medium, ocher yellow, natural siena, golden, cadmium orange, red ocher, burnt siena, light red iron oxide, scarlet, bright red speckle, carmine, purple or violet-pink, ultramarine, cobalt - blue, blue, emerald green, yellow green, green, amber, Mars brown, burnt amber, sepia, neutral black. Set of watercolors "St. Petersburg", 24 colors. Watercolor paints of the highest quality, combining the traditions of outstanding masters-manufacturers of watercolors and modern technology. The paints are made of thin pigments and a binder with the addition of gum arabic, recognized as the best vegetable glue. A set of watercolor paints Nevskaya Palitra, 2.5 ml / 0.067US fl.oz. in ditches

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester