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Silicone Vacuum Cups Anti-Cellulite Massage, Pack of 2 cups
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Silicone Vacuum Cups Anti-Cellulite Massage, Pack of 2 cups


Miracle cups are made of elastic material, in my case, silicone.
These cups are very convenient to use, as they keep their shape, do not absorb the massage agent and are easy to wash.
They work by compressing and installing it on the problem areas.
The can is tightly sucked, while the vacuum draws in the area of the skin located under it, thereby massaging it.

Directions for Use.

When using wonder cups, it is recommended to apply massage oil or cream for better effect; then set the cup with regulation of vacuum pressure by its squeezing. The duration and the course of treatment are appointed individually for various diseases.

  • At spinal osteochondrosis you should massage the area from below a small of the back and upwards to the cervical vertebra.
  • At cervical osteochondrosis you should massage the area around the seventh vertebra with round movements (it is the most prominent at the forward flexion of head).
  • At acute respiratory diseases, bronchitis, and pneumonia you should perform spiral movements from the middle of the back to the shoulders. In case of cellulite you should massage the problem areas of the body with linear and circular movements; while doing this the fat cells are destroyed. The practice shows that the capillary walls are not affected even at the strong vacuum compression.