Sanza is a Kyrgyz national dish – figured buns, that are fried in oil. Sanza is served with tea.

This is a useful delicacy loved by all adults and children. You can dip in a jam, you can just crunch and can be served with the traditional Uighur, salty tea “atkanchay” .Gotovitsya it with milk and salt. Pour tea bowl, break it and eat with chopsticks Suns.
Jewelry around here, in the preparation of the dough, rolling out and stretching it in the roasting on sticks, and in the appearance!

Ingredients for preparing Sanza:

Frankly had to tinker, oily dough is much more difficult stretches than noodles, and if broken, it is no longer held together!

  • 800 g flour.
  • 50 g butter.
  • Baking powder.
  • 5 ea eggs.
  • Salt.
  • 150 g oil to fry.


  • Make unleavened dough from butter, eggs, baking powder, salt and flour and knead small buns.
  • Make a hole, grease with oil the inside and turn the inside out to have rings and twist.
  • Fry in oil.