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Honey Esparcet Rare Sort Berestov 1.1lb
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Honey Esparcet Rare Sort Berestov 1.1lb

Honey collection region: Altai, Krasnoshchekovsky, Krasnogorsky, Charyshsky, Soloneshensky, Bystroistoksky districts

Esparcet: a perennial plant, characterized by bright, beautiful pink-purple flowers.
Blooms from early summer to early July.

Tasting characteristics: the taste is pleasant, cloying, moderately sweet, without the usual bitterness.
The aroma is rich, pleasant, reminiscent of the smell of roses.

This rose-scented sort is considered the most delicious honey in the world.
Healthy substances contained in esparcet honey help a person to quickly restore physical strength and perfectly complement any balanced diet.
It is recommended to use esparcet honey for patients suffering from blood diseases and cardiovascular diseases.
Ingredients: 100% natural honey

Acacia grows in the southern regions of the country.
Its flowering begins in may and lasts up to two weeks.

Fresh honey immediately after pumping is slightly thicker than water.
The color depends on the variety of acacia-honeybees-from white acacia - light, from yellow-a delicate lemon shade.

It has a unique floral aroma.
The most important difference is that acacia honey takes a very long time to crystallize.
Depending on the presence of nectar impurities from other flowers, this process can take a whole year.
This is due to the increased content of fructose and reduced-sucrose.
The thickened delicacy has a fine-grained structure and a white or pale yellow color.

Composition and caloric content of honey
The sweet dish consists of 40% fructose and 36% glucose, which gives a delicate, not cloying taste without bitterness. Acacia honey is rich in b vitamins, contains vitamins A and C. The nectar contains important minerals-manganese, chromium, copper, zinc, boron, sodium, iodine, iron, etc. The treat contains about 3% protein and 78% carbohydrates per 100 g. Caloric content - 337 kcal.

How is acacia honey useful for the body?
For many centuries, people have studied the healing properties of sweet amber and learned to use honey for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Acacia nectar has hypoallergenic properties, it is allowed to use even diabetics. The enzymes contained in the nectar help digestion and metabolism in the body. To get rid of enuresis, children should be given a teaspoon of honey before going to bed - it binds excess water and does not allow the bladder to fill. The mucous membranes of the mouth and stomach are quickly healed.