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FREE SHIPPING Over $150 in USA | Call Us: 800-668-5189

Payment Rules

RussianFoodS accept credit cards and other popular payment methods with secure payment methods.


Payment by Credit Card

When placing an order, select Proceed to Checkout and click Continue to Payment. Enter your card details and click Pay Now. Minimum payment amount — $70

Bank cards with 16, 18, 19 digits in the number are accepted for payment:

  • VISA, MasterCard, American Express;
  • VISA Electron/Plus, Cirrus/Maestro, if they have CVC2 and CVV2 code;

After paying for the order, you will receive an Invoice by mail. All electronic receipts are stored in Account info in the Order History section.


Apple Pay, Google Pay, ShopPay

We accept payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay and ShopPay:

  • Limitations:
    • Minimum payment amount $70, maximum - $1500.
    • The total amount of transactions on one card per day - $5000.
    • Maximum number of transactions per card per day - 5.

Learn more about settings and payment in help  Apple Pay, Google Pay.


Refund and Cancelation

The money is blocked from the moment the order is placed until the moment it is sent, but it is not debited yet. If during this time you requested the cancellation of the order or part of it, then we can instantly unblock (return) the money.

Usually the bank does not send notifications of unblocking (refund), and there is no separate operation in the application or in the personal account of the bank.

After the order is collected and sent, the money is debited. When we give a refund, this is a separate transfer. Usually the money is returned in 2-3 days, but sometimes the refund can take up to 30 days. If the money does not come for a long time, please contact us through the contact form or email contact@russianfoods.com


We keep all customer payment info and business data safe.