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Candy Sweet Gift Boxes (6)

Ptasie Mleczko WEDEL Candy Bird's Milk Vanilla Flavor, 13.4oz / 380g


Matreshka prunes in chocolate with walnuts in a tube, 250g


Matreshka dried apricots in chocolate KREMLINA, 250g


Liquor Filled Dark Chocolate Candies with Whisky Flavor, 7.05 oz / 200 g


Happy Barrels Chocolate Candies with Cocktails Flavour Alcoholic Fillings, 7.05 oz / 200 g


Chocolate candies with liquid VODKA filling in a crispy sugar shell covered with dark chocolate,...



It is a perfect known fact: Russians cannot live without tea.
Desserts, sweets, chocolate & caramel are popular part of every Russian tea party.
Today, just like in the past, families will get together and sit down at a table not to have lunch but to have tea, talks, some Russian Chocolate & Sweets.
Variety of Russian Chocolate & Desserts is very rich in Russian grocery store.

  • Russian milk chocolate candy
  • Dark and white chocolate bars
  • Chocolate with filling
  • Russian aerated chocolate with bubbles
  • Wafer chocolate bars
  • Alenka chocolate candy & chocolate bars

Traditional Russian food includes not only kasha & borsch but Russian chocolate also.
Russian chocolate & sweets are very delicious and don’t deserve to be overlooked.

Many great chocolate Russian manufacturers produce Russian chocolate and nowadays there are many different types of chocolate products. The most popular Russian candy manufacturers are:

  • Red October | Krasny Oktyabr
  • Babaevsky
  • Slavyanka
  • Rot Front
  • Akkond