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Chaga Tea
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Chaga Tea "Wild Power" with Ivan-Tea and Rosehip, 12 pyramids *2gr

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Amazing delicious and fragrant blend!

Siberians are a strong people, and their health is traditionally strengthened by the gifts of nature.
Chaga has always been drunk in Siberia, because its amazing properties have been known for a long time.
Properly collected, dried and brewed chaga helps clean the blood, strengthens the work of enzymes, and adjusts the work of the heart and respiratory system.
Chaga grows in Northern forests, absorbing all the benefits of birch sap and sunlight.
So Siberians have learned how to properly prepare chaga. They taught themselves and taught us.
Chaga tea with Ivan-tea is an amazing blend of Siberian chaga and Vologda Ivan-tea.

We have carefully restored the technology of making tea from chaga birch and mixed it with the fermented Ivan-tea and rosehips.

Chaga is a powerful source of antioxidants.
The universal properties of chaga are due to the complex and unusual chemical composition, it contains many nutrients and compounds, combined in a complex they cause the amazing healing properties of the birch mushroom.

Chaga tea promotes
-prevention of cancer
-prevention of gastritis
-prevention of gastric ulcer
- increase of immunity
-improvement of the cardiovascular system.
Ivan-tea is prepared using a special technology of cypress leaves, which in their usefulness are not inferior to many medicinal plants, and the taste is not inferior to black tea.
Rosehip fruits are famous for their bactericidal properties. Special attention should be paid to the high content of vitamins in rosehip. This is a real multivitamin complex: A, E, P, K, B2 and just a huge amount of vitamin C.

Rosehip contains a lot of iron, phosphorus, essential oils and tannins. Due to this, tea with rosehip fruits is used as a General tonic.
Bison is depicted on the packaging of the drink. The bison is a powerful beast. The largest land mammal in Europe. The weight of the bison reaches 1 ton, and the length of the horns is 70 cm! It is not surprising that it easily comes to grips with any predator. The bison is a peaceful giant, it usually does not attack first. But, standing up for the protection of the herd, it becomes ruthless and undaunted
How we make this tea:
Birch chaga is collected by hand in the protected areas of Siberia and carefully dried in Russian ovens, preserving all the useful properties and unique chaga taste.
Ivan-tea is collected in the lowlands, where soft mists like to stay and abundant dew falls.
In such places, it grows juicy and strong, with a crisp leaf and lush inflorescences.
The combination of the benefits and taste of chaga with Ivan-tea is an amazing find!

Chaga-tea with Ivan-tea and rosehip - a real man's taste, bright and tart.
Pour a pyramid of chaga tea with 250 ml of hot water 100 S. Wait 3-5 minutes until the tea opens and gets a taste. Enjoy!
Chaga is chopped, the leaves are fermented fireweed, rose hips. It does not contain colorants, flavorings, preservatives or GMOs.
12 pyramids of 2 gr. in individual sachet.
Have a nice and healthy tea!