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Extra Buckwheat Groats Cooking Bags, 6 x 80g | MAKFA
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Extra Buckwheat Groats Cooking Bags, 6 x 80g | MAKFA

Buckwheat Makfa kernel "Extra" 400 g.
Whole and chipped buckwheat kernels produced from steamed grain by separating the kernel from the fruit shells.

Ingredients: buckwheat groats.

Nutritional value:
carbohydrates - 57 g
proteins - 12.6 g
fats - 3.3 g
Energy value: 308 kcal / 1290 kJ

Buckwheat groats can be used to make both crumbly porridge and "porridge-mash".
Soups and buckwheat hominy are cooked with buckwheat.
Buckwheat flour is used to bake pancakes and fritters.
Buckwheat flour is used as a base for sauces.
You can made granola, homemade breadfrom whole buckwheat groats.
Buckwheat cutlets with mushrooms, onions and carrots are a saving meal in strict fasting!

The legendary V. Pokhlebkin in The Secrets of Good Cuisine wrote the following about buckwheat porridge: "the most simple in the sense of cooking buckwheat porridge, which has a good natural protective coating of each grain and does not emit mucus (starch) during cooking. It is difficult to spoil buckwheat porridge, and yet it is often cooked clumsily, tasteless."
The secrets of properly cooked buckwheat porridge, according to Chowder, are as follows:
a) cereals and water for cooking should be taken at the rate of 1:2;
b) cook porridge in a metal saucepan or cauldron with a thickened convex bottom, the lid should fit snugly;
c) cook over high heat until the water boils, then maintain a moderate boil, at the final stage of cooking, you need to maximize the heat so that the water completely boils away-evaporates not only from the surface of the porridge, but also from the bottom of the saucepan or pot.
It is not recommended to stir the porridge, open the lid slightly. The peculiarity of boiled buckwheat is that the porridge is prepared rather with the help of steam. Delicious crumbly porridge is obtained if steam is not lost and interference in the cooking process is minimized.