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Pack 3 Powder for Siberian Cedar Nuts Drink with Chocolate Eleo 150g x 3
Pack 3 Powder for Siberian Cedar Nuts Drink with Chocolate Eleo 150g x 3
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Pack 3 Powder for Siberian Cedar Nuts Drink with Chocolate Eleo 150g x 3

Cedar drink with chocolate is a drink made from natural ingredients, such as cedar milk, chocolate and other useful components.
It has a pleasant taste and aroma that resembles a mixture of pine nuts and chocolate.
Cedar milk contains many healthy substances, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on human health.
Chocolate is also a healthy product that contains antioxidants, flavonoids and other substances that help improve mood and strengthen the immune system. Thus, cedar drink with chocolate is a healthy and delicious drink that can be consumed daily to maintain health and good mood.
Cedar nut flour, milk product substitute (corn syrup, vegetable oil), cocoa powder, sugar, oat flour, acacia resin and xanthan resin, natural chocolate food flavor

Nutritional value 100g:
protein 16 g
fat 14 g
carbohydrates 54 g
caloric content 410 kcal
energy value 1720 kJ

The Super food menu is a series of healthy products for fast cooking and balanced nutrition. The unique formulation allows you to keep the composition natural, and the speed of application makes the product a convenient addition to a healthy diet.

The basis of the drink is the kernel of a pine nut. In Siberia, this product has long been valued for its high nutritional and taste qualities.

Pine nuts are a 100% natural product with a high content of high–grade vegetable protein, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Regular consumption of a drink based on pine nuts increases immunity and the body's resistance to the effects of harmful environmental factors.

The balanced composition of the drink contributes to the good functioning of the intestines, gives a long feeling of satiety and charges the body with energy and cheerfulness.

How to use: mix the dry mixture with water or add it to your favorite drink / smoothie. Your cedar cocktail is ready to drink. Enjoy.