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Assorted Creamy Fudge Candy "Korovka", Volsky Confectioner 7.06oz


Candy Step Chocolate Glazed Nougat w/ Hazelnuts , 0.5lb/ 226g


Chocolate Bar Alenka w/ Hazelnut, Set of 3 in Gift Box, 100 g*3, 0.8lb/700 g


Chocolate Bar Bear in the North, Almonds+Waffle with Almond Paste Filling, 0.088 lb/ 40 g


Chocolate Candies "Belarusian Potato", Kommunarka 0.5lb


Chocolate Candies with Coconut Nougat & Caramel Filling "Tropicana", Kommunarka 0.5lb


Chocolate Candies with Fondant Filling "Chernomorochka Top", Kommunarka 0.5lb


Chocolate Candies with Marmalade Cherry Filling "Mystery of Taste", Kommunarka, 0.5lb


Chocolate Candy Bear in the North, 0.5 lb/ 226 g


Chocolate Covered Marmalade "Cranberry Slices", Laima, 0.42 lb/ 190 gr


Chocolate Glazed Vanilla Marshmallow | St. Petersburg Pastry Chef, 13.76oz


Chocolate Сandies with Fondant Filling "Cheryomushki Top" Kommunarka 0.5lb